RE: [coldbox:7441] Symbolic link possible with Coldbox.cfc?

Are you sure it has anything to do with the symbolic link? The error looks like your XML config is not well-formed.

If it were me, I would dig into the FrameworkLoader and cfdump/abort out the instance.FrameworkConfigFile variable to see what it contained and if there is any said “content” in said “prolog”.



Yea, I use sym links all the time.

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OK, good to know, must be something else then.

I'm getting this error after downloading the latest build from github.

Looks like the /coldbox/system/web/config/settings.xml file is the

I've loaded the same build on my dev machine and it's running fine. On
my prod server however I'm getting the XML error.

Very strange.

Ok, fixed.

I copied out the xml in 'settings.xml' and pasted into Notepad and
saved a new file called 'settings2.xml'.

Then swap file names, and reload.

There must be some strange character in the original?

was it windows?