RE: [coldbox:9763] Re: The value returned from the createAppLoader function is not of type coldbox.system.web.loader.AbstractApplicationLoader.

Ok that seems to be different behaviour to ColdFusion 9.01 then, the Administrator says this for CFC

“When checked, UDF arguments of CFC type is not validated. The arguments are treated as type “ANY”. Use this setting in a production environment only.”

Which says exactly that, and does exactly that. I am wondering if this was a bug in ColdFusion 8 that was fixed in ColdFusion 9 then?

As for restarting the ColdFusion services, not everyone has access to the machine to be able to do this. And I have had absolutely no problems with this in my application on production, but then again I change the to make sure.

And I can tell you know that my server is SandBoxed to how a hosting provider will have it setup, with the settings that match mine. And this is definitely switched to disabled, and just to make sure I shut the server down and rebooted and I still don’t see this. So this leads me to believe very strongly that this was a bug in ColdFusion 8, and/or the behaviour was changed in ColdFusion 9.


Andrew Scott