RE: [contentbox-version] Errors on production, and don't know which part is the problem

Could be, my host doesn’t have a clue where to begin looking at the moment. They keep saying that they have added to the sandbox, and it is all fixed then within minutes I see them in the logs again.

Surprising thing is they are Hostek, which Luis struck a deal with them for ContentBox, so this might be something to note or fix somehow. This is with using the coldbox.system.logging.appenders.RollingFileAppender and I would assume the other file appenders have the same issue, and naturally the console doesn’t have this problem or at least I don’t see it.

Do you have that appender on? Dos it gave write permissions on that directory?

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Yes the logs are created, and yes it has the required permission the same as all the other coldbox files. I am sure Hostek would have picked up on that being a problem first.

I am wondering whether this and my other problem are related?