RE: [contentbox-version] Invalid extensions

Can you provide an example of what you’re talking about Andrew. I’m not sure if I followed the original question. When you say invalid extensions, do you mean URLs such as where is xyz is not recognized by the SES interceptor.



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Brad & Luis,

Yeah as I said I have logging on, and all I am seeing in the logs is

Invalid Extension Detected: au detected but it is not in the valid extension list: json,jsont,xml,cfm,cfml,html,htm,rss,pdf

So I was thinking that there might be an interceptor in the SES, but there isn’t and I am keen to see what extensions people are trying, but I have also seen one of my Blogs which part of the slug actually does have .com so I was hoping to intercept and maybe get it to allow it through in some way. Or even if this has got to do with certain blog posts.

But in the SES all I see is that it can either throw a 406 error, which is off by default, so I am assuming that if I switch this on then I might be able to intercept it that way.

To be honest it isn’t that much of a big deal, but as I have one or 2 blogs that maybe also causing this, as I do know one is certainly doing this when the search engines come through.

Does that help.