RE: [contentbox-version] Update error:

Assuming the update has been applied, can you remove it from the updates folder? It looks like CF ORM is picking it up

I just went through something like this as well, where I had to disable all other modules before updating and then switch them back on.

Rut Row. I deleted the offending file. Then the other one, then the other. Then everything in the folder. Now, I get the following error:
" Entity Name cbAuthor is same for two CFCs, and"

Can I just manually apply the update and write over via uploading all of the updated files?


Dang! I know I should have done that. Slatwall was a nightmare to install, then after finally installing I always received a security error after logging into contentbox. But, was fine as long as I deleted the address back to /cbadmin/.

Error Type: Expression : [N/A]
Error Messages: Element SETTINGS.LANGUAGES is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.

If you’ve installed the update, I’d remove the entire update directory. Have you restarted your CF engine since installing the update?



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You can apply update manually.

Just unzip the patch and deliver the Then remove the files listed in the deletes.txt.

Once that’s done. Then apply the patch-nodb. To update the db

Uploaded the entire contents to webdir. Deleted the files that are described in deletes.txt. Can’t find in directions anywhere how to fire update.cfc and not being logged in…?? I have a sneaking suspiciion that slatwall might be the offender here. I will check those settings as well right now.


for the update.cfc you won’t use that. You will use the You can direct download from here

Running that patch only executes DB updates expecting you delivered the files first.


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Yea, got that file already and put it into my webdir. Or, maybe I missed the correct webdir?? How do I run the file? i can’t login to the system itself. Thanks!

Nils deactivate all Third party modules first. You can do this in the db if necessary.