RE: Re: Re: Re: [coldbox:18120] [coldbox 3.5.3] referencing plugin in configure() in wirebox.cfc

Wait, are you trying to use the implicit getters in ColdFusion? I assumed you actually had a method defined in your CFC called getutilities() which is why I kept asking to see it. Do you have accessors=“true” set on your component?



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Yes. Accessors=true.

Using this model in the first application, everything works w/o a hitch.

Were you able to recreate this?

To condense all my previous posts into this one:

I cannot create an instance of a plugin using the binder in the configure() method for wirebox.

This simply does not work:“test”).to(“”).noAutoWire().initArg(name=“utilities”,dsl=“coldbox:plugin:utilities”);

getModel(“test”).getUtilities() returns null.

try it.

Does initArg(name=“utilities”,dsl=“coldbox:plugin:utilities”) not do what it implies it does?

If not, I’ve tried injecting the plugin with the binder’s initWith(), property(), and setter() using getColdbox().getPlugin(“utilities”). The result is that the plugin cannot be found.