RE: Updates to you

Did you fork the main repo on, clone it locally, and make your changes to the local working copy? (I’d branch for each pull request since you can only have one pull per branch).

You’ll need to commit the changes locally, then push them to your fork on github. Then you can submit a pull request for Luis to pull the commits in your branch to his main branch in the main repo.



Yeah I found out that I selected the directory I wanted but it copied the repo into the ContenBox folder, which kinda was not what I was expecting it to do.

So I am in the process of fixing that now.

Give me Subversion any day :frowning: Or at least something was more friendlier to non *nix people.

Hmm, got that bit working fine. Somehow I have it setup to change CF/LF how to I change this back to ignore that?

Ok I believe I have done this right pull request submitted.