RE: updating packages installs devdependencies?

No, this is a bug. We can add a production flag to the update command, but in theory, the update command should already know what’s been installed. Unfortunately there’s no reliable way to determine what packages are installed since not all packages save an install path in the box.json. (anything that doesn’t create a package directory like an interceptor or model) It’s also possible that there could have been manually-installed packages as well, though I’m ok with those being an edge case.
Another option is to save a flag in box.json that marks if the last install was production, but I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Can you put in a ticket and we’ll try to decide the best approach?

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Will do! Do you have to invite me to the project? I don’t see any submit ticket button (

Are you logged in?

If so, and you’re not seeing the options documented in the above blog post, let me know what your JIRA user name is.



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