RE: [version] Error on server with 1.0.7 - Error building: EditorService@cb -> Invalid component or interface name

The ContentBox install should know what version it is, so that’s your starting point. Can the updater script download ever update greater than the currently installed version and run them sequentially?



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Exactly. That is what I was alluding to in my previous response.

One thing that I did think about, and it depends on how the scripts to create the patch work. And I am almost sure an ant script to tag, and create a snapshot of the version revision could work. For example the revision number could match the git revision, then snapshot the difference and create the patch for the current version.

How this gets implemented will be difficult, but can be achieved. The ant script could go with current, to last revision and create a patch, based on all the available tags.

Now I am not good with git, but in Subversion, the idea would be that there is a tag archived in the git repository. One could grab the current tags, inspect the archives and say we have version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and create all the required patches based on the revision of the tag, compared to current revision of release.

Now from what I am noticing, is that all the problems I have seen, are database related when coming to other issues. For example a new column added to a table / entity, has no default setting.

So in theory, when ContentBox is restarted, the tables get updated on the init restart. This should also eliminate any need to run update SQL scripts, provided that the column is set with a default value it should work fine.