RE: [version] Re: Bug with removing Top Level Menus

And please log to Assembla as well. Bugs raised only in E-mail can get easily overlooked.




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So do ones in Assembla…

I raised an issue where ContentBox modules need an onDelete() so that I can use that to clean up any database table and data created, but Luis decieded it was not needed and made the ticket invalid. And other tickets that would allow for ContentBox to do some other great things have just been left there.

So I an beginning to ask myself what is the point?

Lol Andrew you crack me up. The onDelete is there active again, plus we are not 100 developers working on the project. You are more than welcome to donate or sponsor issues and we will tackle them in a more timely manner.

Like with any open source project, we have to prioritize our issues and when we will work on them as they are assigned. Believe me that we try our best to not only fix things, enhance things, but also run a company.

Thanks for always keeping us in our toes :slight_smile:


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Well Luis, yes but how long did that ticket remain there before you made it invalid. Even after you suggested I raise it as it was a good idea, to then make it invalid after 8 or more months?

At the moment, I don’t like Git. I can see its benefits, but the program is too Geek scentric at the moment. And I had 4 changes last time for a small typo and other fixes and it was a mess of going back and forth with you to finally get the changes migrated into the master. Especially when there seems to be only one pull request allowed at a time.

Anything that is to Geek scentric is put on back burners for me, I don’t have the time to learn all the geek options or how to’s.

And we all are stretched to the limits trying to run our lives and businesses etc. But if there is an issue raised I don’t think anyone is actually testing them. Like the index.cfm appearing in the URL for FULL blown SES and rewrite rules, and yet I gave a very clear example on how to produce it and NOT one person has tracked it down. And yet I spent 5 minutes yesterday, and found where it was happening. I don’t know how to fix it yet, but how long ago did I raise that issue and ticket?

Look I know there is only a handful of people working on this project, and I do my best with what time I have to help make the product the best in its space. But like you my time is very limited as well, even more so when I can’t sit down for long periods of time at the moment.

And believe it or not your last ticket created,

235: Module widget supportI actually began working on this feature 10 months ago, and have the look and feel in place and a few other things. But stopped working on the project because of a major BUG inside ColdBox that stops things in my code from working.

just so you know here is what I got working, when a theme is loaded there is a new module and other things that is setup. For example each theme can have their own widgets, which are registered when they are loaded, when a user goes to the CBAdmin a user can then see what areas are available to place widgets into. And not only can they be dynamically moved to any part of the layout, by dragging and dropping, they can be fully configured at that moment as well.

But like I said I ran into that major issue with ColdBox and the overrideEvent() option, my code would never run because of this bug. Now before you laugh your head of, think about the impact this has caused me at the moment. I stopped working on something that would make ContentBox awesome on top of being awesome, 10 months ago. Since then I have been trying to find a way to get this done and incorporated into ContentBox some how.

Now I am good at saying well it might not have been a priority at the time for you, but how many modules for ContentBox has this stopped me from releasing because they won’t work?

And that is the trade off on priority and the need for something.

I could have released that feature for the ticket you created 10 months ago.