Really resetting everything

Ok, so this relates to “cleanup”. When using fwReinit in the url:

Does the sessionStorage and cookieStorage get reset?
Does session and application get reset?

If I have to reset any or all of those, I assume I have to do that in an interceptor using the onReinit interception point? This is mostly for testing, though on a homespun logout process I’d want to be able to do this anyway. For example, in Main I created a handler called “reset” that does all of the above, just in case fwreinit did not. In it, I clearAll() from the two storage managers and StructDelete session and cookie then setNextEvent to home. I did not really want to use an interceptor, but obviously I could…so I supposed this is also a best practice question. I could not find anything in docs or group that explain the details of what fwreinit actually does…just vague references to configuration settings and variable and “framework”…so I’m not sure that this includes plugins.

Could really use some direction either by experience or by being pointed to better doc references that show the process.



I guess as an add-on to this question…should I ever be using application, request, cookie or session variables since there is a storage manager in place for each of these (event being request)? I am so prone to it’s a hard habit to get into but if this was the intent of the storage managers in the first place, I’d like to stick with CB technique as I can see huge advantages to further abstracting the scopes out of a managed object.