[Relax 1.7] Create route with dot in version number

I’ve got a module named “consumer-api” with an entry point of “consumer”, so I can access it simply as


What I’d like to do is add a version number into the url like so:


If I change the entry point to “consumer/1.0” (with or without an ending slash), the “.” gets converted to a forward slash by the SES interceptor. I tried using a Module Route in the root Route.cfm file, but that’s not working. Is this possible?


Hmm I think so. Can you send me the code

There’s not really any code. I just have a ModuleConfig.cfc with this value as the entry point:

this.entryPoint = “consumer/1.0”;

and the SES interceptor writes it out as “/consumer/1/0/” instead of “/consumer/1.0/”.

Escape the . With a /. Try that