RELAX 404 error

I have a CB/Relax app that generates a 404 error:

This displays the CB splash page, and the registered modules. I click on RELAX which is the following link that generates a 404.

I think it might be related to Helicon’s ISAPI_REWRITE, but I do not have a .htaccess file in the webroot.


I am running this REST app on another box without Helicon without issues so I am pretty sure that is the cause. Will pursue a resolution with turning off the rewrite for one particular site with them as it seems to not be working.

I have SEO routes turned off for relax and it works just fine.

possibly turned off SEO because of what youre experiencing.

Thanks Aaron,

I take it you mean SES and not SEO? If I disable the SES interceptor, I receive an error “The setting HTMLBaseURL does not exist”. I found a thread from 11/21/11 where Luis said it is required for RELAX appa.


I also tried on a fresh box w/o ISAPI_REWRITE 3, lastest version of CB and latest version of RELAX. I get the CB splash page and when I click on a link for the registered modules, both forgebox and relax generate a 404. In this case, the web server is IIS 6.

Since forgebox also generate the 404, am I missing a config step somewhere?


youre onto something if you get “The setting HTMLBaseURL does not exist”. create the setting.

i’ll post my config tomorrow.

That is resolved by re-enabling the SES Interceptor.