Relax - error generating docs: html.cfm.cfm

I found someone else who had this error and I piggy backed on the thread to no avail, so making a new posting here.

I am using relax and when I click on the link for the HTML documentation, I receive:
Error Messages: Could not find the included template //views/html.cfm.cfm.

I saw another thread where it was fixed in 1.8, but I did a “git clone”, into a temporary folder, and then copied it on top of my relax folder, fwreinit and I still get the error:

According to the handler, it should be looking for a \relax\views\export\html.cfm instead.

Anyone else run into this? Maybe I am not running on the latest version and did not update properly.


the error is its trying to include /html.cfm.cfm

i would search through relax for “html.cfm” and see what pulls up.

i had this error and fixed it by removing the “.cfm”.

Did not find any results as I wouldn’t expect it to. The view name comes from the handler. I did however search for “.cfm.cfm” to no avail.

Team Coldbox, any ideas?


Should Relax bugs be posted here?

I’m not sure. It’s not part of the core, but Luis may not have a project created for it anywhere. Luis is in Europe on training right now so he’s probably asleep right now. Perhaps he can respond later. I would jump in, but I’ve never really used Relax before.

I do know that searching for .cfm.cfm would not return anything as the last .cfm is added by the render plugin. That’s why Adam suggested searching for html.cfm.



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Thanks Brad, I had actually tried searching for both of those prior to posting.

The handler export.html() has the following setView:

So with the given error, it is not even looking in the right directory. Should be:

I looked at the arguments coming into \system\plugins\renderer.cfc for renderViewComposite() and it does not look any different for some other calls to this function.

arguments.viewpath= /modules/relax/layouts/html which is correct, and then it is a straight include to that viewpath and appending a single “.cfm” insice of a contentvarialble called “cbox_renderedView”.

Actually, I misspoke.

Although arguments.viewpath= /modules/relax/layouts/html is correct, that is for the layout obviously.

The layouts renderView looks like #renderView(arguments.view)#. Ans arguments.view has html.cfm in it.



i use v 1.7.

i can zip/send it if you want.

Sure. I’ll give that a try.


Remove the arguments.view

I will fix this

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I am not following you on this. If I remove that, it would result in a blank page.

Has this been fixed in 1.8 yet?


It should, I will try to get this going in a bit Dan and update it for 3.7 standards.

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