Release notes for all releases

Is there a place where I can find all the release notes for the major and minor releases over the years? Thanks!

Is there a particular product you’re asking about?

The ColdBox core thanks.

Don’t worry, found it here:

Also see here: Release History - ColdBox HMVC Documentation

But that only give you the notes for the latest release. If you click on the other versions you get “Page not found”.

@lmajano Can you assist?

They are also in jira

@lmajano For whatever reason, the entire “Release” page in JIRA has never been publicly accessible, so I never link directly to it.

Ohhh that’s weird. Anyways, the github release page is the place to be or our blog.

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@lmajano @bdw429s
Hi guys, any chance to have this page to be revived?

Or can you please point me to the new location if any?

We’re looking to upgrade from 4.x at the moment, and would like a quick overview of what to look out for.


When I selected the 5.x branch of the docs from the URL you posted, then adjusted the URL pattern a bit I was able to get this doc: Upgrading to ColdBox 5 - ColdBox HMVC Documentation