Remote Content Feeds like Mura CMS has

Hi does ContentBox have anything similar to the Mura CMS Content Feeds?

If not is there a module yet?

If still not, is this something someone would be interested in if I started to build it as part of the projects?


I see the docs for content feeds, but I’m a little hazy on the use case. Can you expound a bit for us?

ContentBox exposes its content via our content services. For instance, on a recent client project, I needed to build a custom page (inside a handler inside a module) that displayed certain content under a specific parent with filtering and sorting. I used this service code:

property name=“pageService” inject=“id:pageService@cb”;

// Get latests excerpts
var results =
isPublished = true,
parent = contentIDArticles,
sortOrder="#rc.sortColumn# #rc.sortDirection#",

If your looking for something more turn-key, that can be easily wrapped in a widget that can be added via the CKEditor GUI. For instance, Luis just created a Widget this week that outputs links to all child pages of a given parent.



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What do you mean by content feeds? Turn an RSS feed into content? If so, then yes. We have a rss widget for that