Remove artifact element

I believe this is a bug.

Although “accessManager” is in the list of artifacts, CB cannot find and remove it.

I try to use:

artifact remove accessManager-1.0.0

and without version number

artifact remove accessManager

without solution.
It only happened with “HTTP_cached” packages.

If I use “clean” everything is removed.

I’m using
CommandBox 6.0.0+00787


I think accessManager-1.0.0 is the actual version which is an oddball version to use. If you want to be able to to remove a specific version of a specific package, you’d need to specify both. See the artifacts remove help for more details.

I tried:

artifact remove $package
artifact remove $package-version
artifact remove $package $version

without solution, only for HTTP_cached artifacts.


Again, see the help documentation for the remove command. In the case of the http cached artifacts,

  • the name is HTTP_Cached
  • the version is accessManager-1.0.0

So the usage of the artifacts remove command is

artifacts remove package-name-here  package-version-here

So, put those together and that means you need to type

artifacts remove HTTP_Cached accessManager-1.0.0


Oh sorry Brad!
This is a bit anti-intuitive, but you’re right, that works perfectly.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

(I only have one functioning neuron lately :sweat_smile:)

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