Removing of .class files after unit tests complete

We are running testbox-be (couple of days ago… it says 2.4.0) on CommandBox 3.0.1. Our ops guys noticed that our disk was filling up on our CI server and found that the .class files generated by the Mockbox stubs not being deleted. There may be other .class files hanging around. We just noticed that there were 6.4 million in a particular Mockbox stubs directory and that is causing us some grief.

I don’t have access to our CI server to see how we’re shutting down Lucee after the tests complete. It’s possible we’re just killing the process and perhaps Lucee isn’t cleaning up after itself. Or, perhaps, there is Lucee admin setting we need to configure on the embedded server.

What do other people do to ensure that .class files aren’t persisted in this scenario? We could rather simply clean up after Lucee in our deployment script, but I thought I’d ask around to see what other people are doing.

Hmm, I am not sure where these are coming from, since stubs clean themselves out when mocking. Where are these located?


Yes, those are done by Lucee then. I have no control of that.

For what it’s worth, I think I brought this up to Micha once and the response was that since the class files are written into sub directories, unlike Adobe CF which puts all class files in one giant folder, then it wasn’t an issue. Note, ACF gives you the options to save class files to disk, but Lucee does not. I don’t recall myself being too pleased with that answer, but at least you know the conversation has been had before :slight_smile: If it’s filling up your hard drive, I’d put in a ticket for Lucee. This also overlaps another item I’ve discussed with Micha in the past, which is our desire to have a way to compile ad-hoc CFML code without needing to write a temporary .cfm file. That’s where all these class files come from. WireBox AOP has the same issue.



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Thanks for the feedback. For now, we’ll just modify our deployment script to clean up after Lucee.