renderData() PDF with cfdocumentitem?

Hi all! I’m using renderData() to generate a PDF and was wondering how I should be handling cfdocumentitem and cfdocumentsection items and sections. I need to control page breaks and whatnot, so I will at a minimum need to use the equivalent of this tag/attribute:

I’m cool with ditching renderData() and using cfdocument, but would prefer to stick with Coldbox conventions if possible.


  • Chris

event.renderData ( data = renderView(“path/goes/here”), type = “PDF”, pdfArgs = pdfArgs );

You might have to write a plugin for cfdocument that is tag based instead of cfscript based.

PDF can be used in cfscript Aaron as in

myPdf = new pdf()

And probably the better way of doing it in ColdFusion anyway.

Sorry I’ve done a terrible job of actually wording my question (not the first time).

I have a pdf that is being generated and is perfect, save for one problem…I cannot control the page breaks. So that’s what I’m trying to do…set the page breaks. I’m currently using renderData(), but am wondering if I have to switch to cfdocument.