Request collection after submitting a form.. then refreshing the page

I seem to lose the request collection. My values that were there are
no longer there after refreshing the page. Am I doing something


When you try to refresh is it prompting you telling you that you are
resubmitting the form again? If not, then you aren't resubmitting the
form and therefore the values that are being sent by the form wouldn't
be present. You've been redirected to another request and those values
aren't being sent unless you explicitly persist them in the Flash Ram
or some such. This is, generally speaking, desired behavior because
most people don't want form processing to happen multiple times on a
page refresh resulting in, say, an Order being placed twice because a
user refreshes the Receipt page.


Do I do something like this If I want to persist the whole request

<cfset setNextEvent

That depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Could you lay out
the flow of the events and what you want to enable? Like I said,
resubmitting the whole form on a processing page is generally an
undesired thing, so it is more a matter of trying to figure out what
you want to accomplish and then figuring out the best way to do it.