ReST :: Framework support for body with GET method

Hello Adam, Luis and framework fans,

A ticket was raised for Railo for cfhttp to support BODy with a GET method request.

At first I thought this seemed a bit bazaar and found some posts that say HTTP specs support it, but it isn’t really the ReSTfull way of doing things.

So I was wondering what people thought about this and if Taffy or ColdBox Relax support it?

I just did a quick test on Railo 4.1 and it does not support it.
If some one is Keen to test on ColdFusion 10 I will send me test code.

Anyhoo, I am now thinking that this use case might be a good reason to use it: Client Login.

Normally a login is done via a form so I would guess most people would use the POST method in ReST.

But with a login you are not creating or updating a resource; so is POST a good method to use?

If you were to use a GET method, you would not want to send username and password on the query_string.

If you are using HTTPS, and put the username in the BODY, the data would be encrypted.

Interested in what other people think about this and how they do logins over ReST.

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