Resurrecting Old CFUG site;

Hey there,

I’m still working on resurrecting an old ColdFusion user group blog site built on ContentBox that was once on its own VPS but is now in a Shared environment running CPanel at Vivio. I have an issue that I thought I could bring up here in case it wasn’t some CPanel thing I’m not thinking of, or even if it is… is returning db results, which means Lucee server is running, but most noticeably my css is not rendering. Opening the network tab shows three css files have a status message of (blocked:mixed-content), and scripts and other documents that load fine on my local are not showing up in the DOM.

So, clearly I have a lot of other issues going on with this site, including hitting the admin ( (or any links for that matter), but I thought that if I could address the mapping/rendering issue of the css, the rest could potentially be resolved. Can you think of anything I’d need to do in CPanel that could fix this, or do you think it’s more of a ContentBox configuration thing that would need to be set up differently than how it successfully runs on my local? Thank you for any assistance.

Also, about a week ago I pinged this forum and learned that my issue then was that not all the files have been FTP’d, but I’m pretty sure they are all now there. I’m not ruling that out as an issue, but if that were the case, I’d think I’d be getting a ColdFusion error. Thanks again.


Your CSS not rendering is more than likely the “base URL” setting in the ContentBox admin.
You can look at your browser source code or dev tools to see where its looking for the CSS files.
If you can’t get into the admin yet, you could change the value in the database table.

For not being able to hit the sub pages and receiving 404 errors, possibly the URL rewrites are not configured properly?


I just looked at my browser dev tools when hitting your site. Seem your CSS is being blocked as “mixed content”. This would be the CSS not being called with HTTPS.

This could also be the issue with the 404 errors. Do you have a forced redirect for non-HTTPS calls? if so, try commenting it out and at least get it up and running with just HTTP. Then when all done, go back to HTTPS.


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Hey, Kevin! Thank you for the response. I believe you put me on the right track. I had forgotten about the .htaccess file associated with apache. Using info from Rewrite Rules - ColdBox HMVC Documentation, I’m getting somewhere. I’ll update this post (and perhaps add a post on this cfug site if I can access the admin :slight_smile: ) once everything is configured properly.