Routes Issue

The comments filter located on right side of the admin currently
throws an error. Upon investigation, the filter form is generated on
line 24 of /blogbox-admin/views/comments/index.cfm with the following:


Since there is no action specified, it becomes a self submitting form
and the event that gets used is:


This should be a valid event. However, the blogbox-ui module is acting
as the main application and uses it's routes to takeover the parent
app routes. It has the following route defined in its

{pattern="/:pageSlug", handler="blog", action="page"}

The pattern allows pages to be called using their permalink with a
nice clean URL.


However, the pattern will not let a standard event like "blogbox-
admin:comments.index" to occur.

I see three possible solutions.

1. Specify the action on the commentFilterForm using the blogbox-admin
entrypoint syntax.


or use the exit point defined in prc


Advantage: Get to keep clean URL for page permalinks
Disadvantage: All other modules must use their entry point in calling

2. Put a qualifier in front of the page permalink route. For example:

{pattern="/page/:pageSlug", handler="blog", action="page"}


{pattern="/go/:pageSlug", handler="blog", action="page"}

Advantage: Additional modules that are added to the app can still use
the standard module event syntax.
Disadvantage: The clean URL for page permalinks is lost.

3. Add the following route above the page permalink route in the
blogbox-ui ModuleConfig.cfc:

{pattern="/:handler/:action", handler=":handler", action=":action"},
{pattern="/:pageSlug", handler="blog", action="page"}

Advantage: Get to keep clean URL's for page permalinks. Module can
still be called using the standard syntax.
Disadvantage: The :action in the above route is required. No longer

I have tested all three solutions and they all work. Personally, I
believe the standard module event syntax should still be allowed to
work since if any other modules were added to an app with the blog,
they could break. Therefore, that would rule out solution 1. Solution
2 is OK but I do prefer the clean URL's for page permalinks. Solution
3 is my preferred as it still allows the clean page URLs and the
standard module event syntax. The only way it could be better is if
the :action was still optional. However, I don't see how that is