Running Coldbox app from root, 'not a valid component'

We have a ColdBox application that has been running well for quite awhile. It runs in a directory (, and I decided to try running from the root directory. I created a new virtual site in IIS and made sure that I could host static files. I moved my application into the directory (Application.cfc in the root, Routes and Coldbox.cfc in the /config directory, models in the /model directory, etc). The coldbox directory was and is still included via a ColdFusion mapping. I restart IIS and ColdFusion.

I can’t get the application to start up. It immediately throws an error:
“.model.volunteer is not a valid component or interface name”

Obviously it’s an issue with model mapping (leading period), but I can’t tell why. The COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH is still default, Routes.cfm is simple and appears to be properly set up to support hosting from the root directory. I played with ModelMappings a bit (it was previously all commented out), but nothing I do seems to make any difference.

Any suggestions?


Where are you mapping model.volunteer? i assume it’s in WireBox.cfc. You probably have code like so which doesn’t account for the possibility of appMapping being an empty string:

map( ‘volunteer’ ).to( ‘#appMappings#.model.volunteer’ );



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Aha, that is very likely it, thank you.
I’ll try that out. Thanks Brad!