Running two instances of Transfer within the same application

Hi group,

A while back I asked whether it was possible to run two instances of
Transfer within a ColdBox application. The original post is here but I
thought it was getting a bit long-wind so best to start a new one :slight_smile:

I did think I had the solution, but apparently not. Reason being that
when I try and call Transfer on my 2nd instance I get an error from
Lightwire saying -

Error Messages: Variable RETURNOBJECT is undefined.

ID: ??
LINE: 276
Template: C:\Inetpub\common\ColdBox\v3.0.0 M6 (vendor)\system\ioc
LINE: 192
Template: C:\Inetpub\common\ColdBox\v3.0.0 M6 (vendor)\system\ioc

Ioc config for the bean I've got as this....
    <!-- SITS -->
    <bean id="Transfer_SITS" factory-bean="ColdBoxOCM" factory-
      <constructor-arg name="objectKey"><value>Transfer_SITS</value></

... and I'm calling through this...


The ColdBox config hasn't really changed since the sample I placed on
the bottom of that post but before I start adding more coding to the
post I thought I'd ask if anyone knew what might cause that Lightwire

Thanks again,