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Hey everyone, we have a meeting with some marketing folks today at work who are wanting our help setting up a WordPress blog. We’re going to suggest that we go with ContentBox and just add the modules to our application and set an entry point so we can have a tighter integration. I have two requests:

  1. Please send me any sample production sites you guys have made or know about as examples of ContentBox. (I’m also curious what all is out there right now)
  2. This question is directed more at Luis-- since they will probably want this done “ASAP” and the rest of our web team are busy working on other projects, how would I go about hiring additional development to, say, create a new skin to match the look and feel of our website if I don’t have time to get one figured out by their deadline?



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We can possibly help you with creating a skin. Ping me of list and we can chat.


Hi Brad

Yes we can help on that and Crete custom skins for you.