scaffolding for coldbox please...


anyone found the time to develop some scaffolding/generators for

view creations are getting WAY tedious these days... especially with
the nature of markup. :frowning:

just curious


The ColdFusion Builder extensions will generate a lot of code for you. Well worth checking out:

Also, if you are talking about basic form generation, then check out what Luis and Mark have done in the handlers/admin/lookups.cfc & model/lookups/LookupService.cfc of CodexWiki. There is some pretty neat stuff going on in there!

awesome. thanks man!

never realize how much the rails generators help you on on building a
foundation for simple CRUD operations...

damn! I'm wasting half my time repeating myself with handlers and
views for simple things... :frowning:

thanks again!

I can definitely see that my friend. We did the lookup manager project for that reason, a simple way to manage tables. You can find the project in the code depot and here are the slim docs (still working on it).

Now, I would love to do an extension to coldbox that can do scaffold generation. The generations of handlers and views are super simple. The problem is the domain model. How is this tackled? What ORM do you use or do you use no ORM?

Any ideas ?


thanks, I'll look into the lookup manager!
Yes an extension to coldbox would be lovely, couldn't you just leave
the domain model a skeleton class in which the developer could use to
their own discretion? with this approach the developer could take the
ActiveRecord model pattern or the bean pattern or a custom pattern. I
think the handlers and the views are the most tedious parts that I'd
like to have generated.
and yes I do use an ORM (transfer, reactor) from time to time, however
I've been using DataMgr as my data access layer, mixed in with CBs
queryHelpers these days... trying to get away from xml altogether.

Also, how would you envision this extension? Would you make it cfml
based? I was thinking an ANT build or some kind of shell script...
something that I wouldn't even need a cfml engine running until
runtime of my app.


I have never really envisioned it Salomoko. By the way, the illudium scaffolding templates work also. That generates views,handlers, services, etc. already by using the illudium generator.