Security Sample Application

I was poking through the Security Sample application that makes use of the security interceptor.

I noticed there’s a 3rd Party interceptor called SSL, which allows you to specify which events require ssl.

Is there any reason why this isn’t listed under 3rd Party Interceptors in the Code Depot?


Hi Dutch,

SSL is part of core coldbox now. Please visit API for



I see what you’re saying, about setting a next event or next route to a ssl connection, but the SSL interceptor gives you another benefit.

let’s say a user goes directly to http://myapp/?event=login.start

With the SSL interceptor, you can have it basically say “if login.start isn’t being accessed over a secure port, then redirect with https.” From my understanding, this is a bit defferent than the SSL functionality provided with setNextEvent() and setNextRoute().

Granted, most of the applications I build are typically 100% SSL, so there’s a chance I wouldn’t use the SSL interceptor, but others may.


Hi Dutch,

You can grab the ssl interceptor from the code depot in SVN.

I will add it to the third-party list soon.