Seeking for comments on using Modules in ColdBox

Anyone write coldbox modules? I’m still on the fence and couldn’t tell if that’s a good idea, or what is it really good for.

Would you please share some of your experience? Or techniques or pitfalls you have discovered? E.g. when to use interceptors and such?

Are the backend models really independent? How would you go about implementing single sign-on?

Thanks a bunch,

modularity. write once; use in many apps.

only pitfall is using hardcoded datasource names in ORM entities as part of a modules model. it limits the modules to a specific db and can be problematic when youre using other modules that use the datasource specified in the application.


Feel free to check out my video from ColdBox Developers Week 2013 on modular architecture and how you would use it in you app.

Curt Gratz