Server does not find pages

I installed yester day the coldbox framework and commandbox.
All good. But the next day somehow the Lucee engine cant find the pages. Literally one page only. will give me the main/index.cfm. wont work at all
Lucee Error (missinginclude)
Message Page /index.cfm [C:\commandbox-win-5.5.2\index.cfm] not found
Mapping /
Java Stacktrace lucee.runtime.exp.MissingIncludeException: Page /index.cfm [C:\commandbox-win-5.5.2\index.cfm] not found

Also tried to add this path in Router.cfc, but did not work.

Did I forget to do something?

Perhaps, you could provide the current configuration such as server.json, complete Java Stacktrace, and screenshot of your Web folder/directory structure.

I would guess you have started your CommandBox server in the wrong folder. You can’t just run server start anywhere-- you must first cd into the folder where your code lives. Run

server list

to see what servers you have defined, what folders they are in, and what status they are at.

LoL. That was indeed the problem. I thought oke it finds at least 1 page, and thought maybe mapping problem. Thanks for fast help.

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