server start command fails

Running a server start command I get the following error in the server log (the server tries to fire but then the app closes in the dock)

Note, the “server list” and “server status” commands also accept a “–verbose” flag. I don’t that it will tell you anything we don’t already know, but I thought I’d throw it out for future reference.

Can you run a “netstat -pan” on your OS shell to see if there are any other processes also bound to port 8085?

Is this site on GitHub or something you can zip up for us to try?

What if you started removing items from the web root one at a time until the server started to help identify the issue?



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ColdBox Platform:

Also make sure you don’t have a web-inf already in that directory

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Matt, do you have any updates on this. Did my or Luis’ last messages help at all?



Apologies for delay - We have a winner. I had an existing (but hidden) WEB-INF folder in the project directory which was throwing everything out.

Thanks for your help guys. I’ll be much more vigilant from now on.