Service Objects and Model Integration

One thing I have been wondering about since Model Integration was
included in ColdBox is about Service Objects. In all of my previous
applications, I have built service objects that did all of my
communication between the model objects (TrO, Beans, DAO,
Gateway,whatever) and the Controller.

Now with the model integration, it seems that were are being
encouraged to have ColdBox talk directly to the model instead of going
through a service layer. Is the model integration intended to
eliminate the service object layer? I think I heard Luis once say that
ColdBox can be thought of as both Controller and Service. Does this
bring us closer to that?

Is this what people are doing now. I would love to hear peoples
thoughts on how they are designing their applications.

Hi Jason,

My answer is no. The idea of model integration is to help developers build the model layer (which includes the service layer) faster and easier. I still create services and just call them through getModel(). the great thing about it, is that I can time-persist services that only might need to be created when used and then discarded.

To be, model integration brings you closer to create more services and rely more on a Domain Model and Service Layer for the business rules for your application.