Sessionstorage not saving variables on page request

I'm quite new to the coldbox platform but I recently wrote an
application for a friend. The site works fine on localhost development
but fails when I put it on The page renders and
submits after login but errors out immediately. I can see that the
culprit is the sessionstorage variables which are lost on each page
request (the onsessionstart is called each time). I don't know how to
resolve the issue though. I am using the latest coldbox stable
download from about a month ago, here is some of the settings I am


  function configure(){

    // coldbox directives
    coldbox = {
      //Application Setup
      appName = "FHTApp",
      appMapping = "XXX/coldbox/FHT",
      eventName = "event",

      //Development Settings
      debugMode = false,
      debugPassword = "",
      reinitPassword = "XXX",
      handlersIndexAutoReload = false,
      configAutoReload = false,

      //Implicit Events
      defaultEvent = "login.dspLogin",
      requestStartHandler = "main.onRequestStart",
      requestEndHandler = "main.onRequestEnd",
      applicationStartHandler = "main.onAppInit",
      applicationEndHandler = "",
      sessionStartHandler = "main.onSessionStart",
      sessionEndHandler = "",
      missingTemplateHandler = "",

      //Extension Points
      UDFLibraryFile = "includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfm",
      coldboxExtensionsLocation = "",
      modulesExternalLocation = "",
      pluginsExternalLocation = "XXX.coldbox.system.plugins",
      viewsExternalLocation = "",
      layoutsExternalLocation = "",
      handlersExternalLocation = "",
      requestContextDecorator = "",

      //Error/Exception Handling
      exceptionHandler = "",
      onInvalidEvent = "",
      customErrorTemplate = "",

      //Application Aspects
      handlerCaching = true,
      eventCaching = true,
      proxyReturnCollection = false,
      flashURLPersistScope = "session"

    conventions = {
      handlersLocation = "handlers",
      pluginsLocation = "plugins",
      viewsLocation = "views",
      layoutsLocation = "layouts",
      modelsLocation = "model",
      eventAction = "index"

        <cfset = 'FHTApp'>
  <cfset this.sessionManagement = true>
  <cfset this.sessionTimeout = createTimeSpan(0,2,0,0)>
  <cfset this.setClientCookies = true>

XXX = sitepath of the hosted file.

I have been in contact with and they say that this is
now a problem outside their scope. I'm assuming that the issue is with
a setting in coldbox but can't figure it out after a lot of head
scratching and google searches. I have stopped and dumped information
at each point and the session variable gets lost after the page
submit. Any help or guidance in resolving this issue would be greatly
appreciated. I can provide any other information/code if needed.

this was moderated and just updated, are you still having this issue.

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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I didn't change anything from the code listed above and now the
sessionstorage appears to be working fine. It must be that the changes
I made were not propagated. I was about to rewrite with session
variables but thankfully it seems to have been resolved. Thank you for
posting the issue and trying to assist!