Set up automated test files (Docker Cloud) How can I run unit tests defined via TestBox


To set up your automated tests, I need to create a docker-compose.test.yml file which defines a sut service that lists the tests to be run.

For example:

  build: .

The example above builds the repository, and runs the file inside a container using the built image, by using Docker Cloud.

Tests will pass if the sut service returns 0, and fail otherwise.

How can I run unit tests defined via TestBox and let it return 0 if the test pass?

Thanks Rene

How are you running your tests? If you start your server and then use “testbox run” to hit the runner URL, you’ll get nice console output and the exit code from the testbox run command will be 0 or 1 whether or not the tests passed or failed.



Use commandbox

Box testbox run

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