I am still using coldbox 2.6.2. Thats why i ask these questions.

I want to pass a value through the setNextEvent. Either using
querystring, or varstruct.

Im not so happy with varstruct, because when i get to the next event,
and i refresh the page, the value is not in the rc anymore and i still
have to store it somewhere else.
Im not sure what the use is of flashram if i loose it as soon as i

The other option is to use querstring. I have avoided this as much as

This is because i get compatilibilty problems with routes.

I found a ticket that setNextRoute will be removed. I also found
somewhere that setNextRoute will accept querystring.

I would love that setNextEvent does everything so i develop without
routes, and later add routes to my application. I hate to worry about
it when im implementing other things.

Can someone clarify this all?


Yes setnextevent pretty much is king. In 3 the flash ram can also be
maintained and flows created. So all tour issues are resolved in 3