setNextRoute in M5

I believe in the M5 version of setNextRoute that periods in the route are automatically converted to "/"? I have this in my app:

Sometimes the value can contain a period, for example:

M5 is converting this URL to

Which then fails to pull up the correct record. Is this intentional, and if so, what would be the preferred way to pass the id argument? Using the varStruct argument to flash persist the value?



setnextroute is deprecated and should not be used. Please use setNextEvent() with either the URL arg or the URI argument.

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10-4, thanks Luis.


I figured that was the official line but I'm curious about the use
case here. Sean's route is admin/responses/detail/id/{value} and I
don't see how to do that with setNextEvent() since admin.responses is
the event, yes? But then what is the queryString? It sort of looks
like detail=id&{value}= but that sounds wrong to me. Is it
detail=&id={value} ? That doesn't sound like it would work.

I actually started to reply to Sean yesterday suggesting
setNextEvent() but couldn't figure out how to replicate his route via
that method...

Looking at the API docs it seems there are now several different ways to call setNextEvent, and all arguments are optional.

One of the new arguments is URI, which is what I am now using:


One thing to note is you need the leading slash here. Relative URI's do what you would think, they append the URI value to the current URI.

There is another new argument URL, which allows you to specify a FQURL:


Ah, good to know. Thanx.