Setting up database connection with ColdBox

Hi everyone,
I’m new to ColdBox and trying to learn the basics (not easy unfortunately due to lack of structured learning material).
I’m starting up a CB app from CommandBox (which uses Lucee by default I believe)
I need to connect to database to perform crud operations, and from everything I’ve read I first need to set up the database connection in web server admin. For the light server Lucee that commandbox is spinning up how do I do that?
I’ve tried to google, search through docs, nothing. It’s like a black box that’s preventing going any further learning development with ColdBox.
Anyone can help with this?
Also is there a sample application anywhere that would display all crud operations with ColdBox? Again, can find anything meaningful by just googling.
Thank you.

You can open the lucee admin page by going to{yourport}/lucee/admin/server.cfm if you are using lucee or{yourport}/cfide/administrator if you are using coldfusion. You can also right click the server icon in the system tray which has a shortcut to the server admin.

You find some coldbox examples of here

I would also suggest reading the models section about the different data access patterns in the coldbox docs.

It worked! Thank you so much for helping out a newbie!

You can also access the administrator for any CommandBox server by clicking on the tray icon and choosing “server admin” under the “open” sub menu.

Your question is really a Lucee one, not related to Coldbox or CommandBox. Here are the Lucee docs regarding adding datasources:

And here are some similar docs from a community source: