Shared hosting permissions issue for Coldbox 7.1

I have a site on hostek that when I upgraded to CB 7 from CB 5 I now get errors in the new async functionality. I have read past posts and they basically said to not use shared hosting. Just wondering if that is still the case or there is any other way without going back to CB 6 to get this working. Hostek will not allow access to the internal java components. Just looking for a way to shut off some of the functionality that I do not need and then will not throw the error. I started to comment some things out but it is leading me down quite the rabbit hole.

Thank you and love all the work you all do!

If you have control over the CF Server and are an administrator in the admin, then you can uncheck the “Disable access to internal Java” box and it will start working again. If Hostek has locked that down, then you would have to ask them to open that up for you. If they won’t, then you won’t be able to use Coldbox 7, unfortunately.

Edit: It might also be the “Secure Profile” setting being applied. You might need to disable that, as well.

Appreciate the quick response. I did ask Hostek to uncheck the Disable access to internal java box but being on shared they will not. Just wanted to know if there was a quick way to disable some of that to make it “shared” friendly. I will just revert to CB 6 for now. Thanks!

You are going to experience the same issue with 6, because of the Async manager. You might have to roll back to 5 until you can migrate hosts.

We should move to at least Make ColdBox work with this setting as shared-hosting people run into it fairly often. Unfortunately, it means certain things in ColdBox won’t work. @Matt_Graff You can try commenting out the lines in BaseProxy that create ColdFusion objects and the lines that use those variables, but I don’t know that logbox loggers and cache reaping will work correctly.

If you want to yell at Adobe, ask them to finally do this ticket as the lack of this functionality is what forces us to do these hack-arounds, which is a darn shame when a JVM language can’t even make use of one of the JVM’s most powerful features in the JDK’s thread pools.

Thanks Brad. I will try the commenting out some more lines…luckily with this site I do not need a ton of features or horsepower (hence the shared hosting) so if I can get it to not error out I will be good. I will comment back here what I come up with for anyone else that may run into this.

And I agree…I will give a vote for the issue.

Again appreciate the time.

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