Site not visibile in both Development & Production Environment

I’ve just started exploring ColdBox.
I have installed and it several ways.
In some installations, I can get it to operate on the local server:
On others, I can get it to operate from the public url pointing to the same folder.
In either case one application gives me a 401 error

401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

Is there a setting that will allow access via a public or private url?

You might want to explain your current setup a little better like how you installed it and your current configuration, etc? 401 status is Unauthorized. Have you configured your Web server correctly?

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Yes, we need more information. There is no feature of Coldbox which returns a 401 so whatever you have going on is likely specific to your web server.

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Hi Ancient,
I have installed and deleted Coldbox several times since asking the question.
The latest install (11:00 pst March 19, 2021) can be found here:
I hope it is running on ColdFusion 2018 installed on my Server.

At the time of this post, it is showing the raw install of coldbox-legacy-app-demo
“install bdw429s/coldbox-legacy-app-demo”’

If you click the links:
About: 404-Public —> On Server: Type: EventHandlerNotRegisteredException
Contact: 500 - Internal server error —> On Server: processed by ColdBox MVC



Do you have URL rewrites configured? Without seeing the actual error, it’s sort of impossible to tell what’s going on. You’ve got IIS set to the dummy errors which are good for production, but terrible for debugging.

Do you have URL rewrites configured?

This install was just “coldbox-legacy-app-demo” as it came.
Where and how do I configure the rewrites?

You’ve got IIS set to the dummy errors

This is a sandbox.
How do I turn on the full Error Debugging for this version?

Actually, on second thought I don’t think rewrites are required for this example. It’s been a few years since I made this example so I was just guessing. I don’t know why you’d get a 404. With those IIS errors in the way it’s hard to say. I’d guess your IIS CF connector is checking whether the file exists which would be an issue since there is no about.cfm. The Application.cfc has code to handle the request, but if IIS isn’t just passing all .cfm files through (which I’m pretty sure is the default behavior) then that may be your issue.

That’s really an IIS question and probably depends on the version of IIS you’re using. I believe it’s a feature setting of the site. This is a reason why it’s nice to just play around with CommandBox servers before you start adding extra layer like IIS in the mix :slight_smile: