Slow Load Times


Here is my environment:

OS: Windows XP (64-bit)
App: ColdBox 3.01, IIS 7.5,
DB: SQL Server 2008

I turned on "report execution times' in my CF Admin because I wanted
to see why my pages are loading slowly and I see that these two CFCs
are taking quite some time to run/execute. Even when I turn debugging
off the page still loads really slow.

Application.cfc - 10472 ms
Renderer.cfc - 9467 ms

In my ColdBox.cfc:

handlersIndexAutoReload = false,
configAutoReload = false,
handlerCaching = false,
eventCaching = false

In my onAppInit method I create a couple of objects and put them in
the CB Cache but that only happens on onAppInit so for subsequent
requests this method doesn't even run so I don't think that is the

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I don't do much of
anything in the onRequestStart method either..


Can you try launching one of the sample applications and then please report back those execution times?

This approach will help us help you since we all have access to the same code.



Yes, that is a good idea, the problem doesn't happen with the sample
apps though. I ended up looking at ColdBox's debugging panel as
opposed to the standard CF debugging panel and the it appears my
Layout file and my view for my home page is the bottleneck.

I'm using multiple "renderView()" calls
A couple of getMyPlugin() calls
Two queries that may also be playing a role.

I will try to remove certain parts of the code to see how it affects

Also remove report execution times. That is a hog