Solitary Module on Railo

Hi All,

Is there anybody who has succesfully used the Solitary security module
on Coldbox 3.1, running on the latest Railo release? (3.3, I beleive).

I am trying to implement this, but I am having a very hard time to
even get past the installer.

It looks like the event- handling is never fired.

I have enabled this in the Application.cfc.

Hope to hear from you,


Hi all,

After some more debugging, I found out that any ORM pre-insert in my
modules are NOT being fired, where beans that are placed directly into
the models folder under the webroot work fine. Is something preventing
the module beans to fire the pre-insert event?

Kind regards,


I think you mean Entities…

Have you got cfclocation setup in application.cfc as I side note, or do you have it empty or default to the root?

Hi Andrew,

I did have cfclocation setup, and after some more debugging, I found
out that it is the identifier that is giving me a hard time.

I have this in the bean (entity) that is working fine:

<cfproperty name="companyID" ormtype="integer" fieldtype="id"
generator="identity" unsavedvalue="0" />

And in the downloaded bean for the security module, the PK is set up
like this

<cfproperty name="userid" column="user_id" fieldtype="id"
generator="uuid" setter="false" />

As soon as I change the fieldtype to integer, and the generator to
identity, it is working like expected.

So this looks like a bug or unexpected behaviour in either Railo or
Coldbox, I think.

But it did not have anything to do with module, like I first expected.

Kind regards,


Did you the define the right db dialect?
Also might be an orm issue with Railo. I would do a simple event test and see f it works in railo

Let me know what you come up with. I will try and update it so it works on both.