source on a layout only returns plain text?

If I load in a form (or any html) using the coldboxproxy all I get
returned is plain text..

this is what i am doing....

I call the proxy

<cflayoutarea name="campaignAccordion" title="Campaign" source="/
proxyCB.cfc?method=dspCampEdit" >

it goes to my proxy...

<cffunction name="dspCampEdit" output="false" access="remote"
returntype="Any" >
<cfset var results = "" />
<cfset arguments["event"] = "dashboard.editorCampaign">
<cfset results = super.process(argumentCollection=arguments)>
<cfreturn results>

and my event

any function editorCampaign(event) output=false{
var rc = event.getCollection();
return renderView('campaign/edit');

but what is returned to my tab is unformatted plain html. I have added
cfoutput to almost everything i can think of the event the tabs.

any ideas?


Glyn :0)

spotted the errors of my ways! returnformat needed to be set to plain
i.e. returnformat="plain"
just incase anyone else has this issues.