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Has anyone done anything with getting BlogBox working with SQL Server?

The attached .sql script is what I’ve come up with so far, converting the install script to SQL Server.

Didn’t work exactly - setting dbcreate to “dropcreate”, it seems to create the tables okay, but it inserts everything but the entries in bb_setting. After running the SQL script manually, all seems okay. Note that I’m not setting the dialect; I’m letting Hibernate auto-detect.

I didn’t put a ton of time into rewriting it, but it seems complete:

  • remove table locks - probably not needed
  • change the schema name qualifiers - only put in SQL Server version (was choking on column name of “order” - not too sure if I like using reserved words, even if Hibernate will allow it)
  • converted insert statements into one statement per record, since SQL Server doesn’t support MySQL’s multiple records per INSERT
  • modifed bit column values, as well as various embedded characters/escape sequences, as these are inserted literally in SQL Server

Again, not sure why’s breaking when executing the SQL via Hibernate; I’m sure there’s some areas where it can stand improvement. Please feel free to mock my errors :slight_smile:

Billy Cravens

blogbox_data_mssql.sql (46.4 KB)

Hi Billy,

Early on in the project Luis Majano was able to get BlogBox running on a virtual machine using SQL Server 2005.

Later today I can send you the project. Please let me know where to send.


George Murphy

I could use it also.

Me too!

Sounds great. I’m currently running against a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance and ACF 9.01, and it seems to run fine, in spite of the issues I initially saw (I just had to run the script manually to pick up INSERTs that didn’t fire by Hibernate). However I’d love to take a look at what Luis did to see how what he did differs from my setup. What do you need? Email - bdcravens@gmail.com (same as what I use for this group). Thanks!

Billy Cravens

Yes, the idea is for blogbox to do object inserts in the installer, the mysql script is for convenience until the installer is online. So if you have an mssql one, please share for convenience. thanks

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Should be attached to my original email.

Billy Cravens

Hi Guys, here is what Luis did while he was in DC.



George Murphy