start server adobe coldfusion with latest updated and/or patches

My first thought in updating ACF with the latest patches is to do the update the same way, which is in the cf admin.

But I wonder if starting and stopping the server with commandbox will lose the update.

My second thought is that with the start command I can specify adobe@11.0.10+300066 which includes the update.

How are updates handled?

Also, I just recently tried to update ACF to latest path, but it failed because McAfee wasn’t done letting go of CF when the update continued doing its thing and somehow messed up the Admin. the websites work but the admin is not accessible. Anyways, this kind of issue sucks. How does commandbox make this process better?

> How does commandbox make this process better?

With CommandBox, you’ll never need to worry about installing an updater again. CommandBox can start any updater level you want, so there’s no need to try and manually patch your servers. Adobe’s updater from the web admin doesn’t even work in a J2EE install which is pretty lame.

So you have two options:

  1. You choose exactly when you get update (probably best for production)

  2. Just start whatever the last version is (great for dev)

So for option 1, you dial in the exact version you want in your server.json and it’s up to you to update the version when you want a new one.

For option 2, just leave your server.json at something like
"cfengine" : "adobe@11"
That will always give you the latest version of CF11 that exists on ForgeBox every time the server starts. (Any valid semver range can be used!)

The biggest difference is that each CF engine version gets extracted into a new folder so it’s technically like a new installation every time. This is where CFConfig swoops in to save the day:
install commandbox-cfconfig
Every time a server version is started for the first time, CFConfig will look for a previous version of the same engine that you’ve started in the past and auto-import all of your settings (datasources, mappings, timeouts, etc) to the new server. You’ll never even know it updated.

Brad, I had a feeling box would handle it. Thank you again. Next I going to see how to use it with IIS and maybe even consider stop using IIS.