Starting Commandbox container Adobe ColdFusion with enterprise trial

How do I start my commandbox container for Adobe ColdFusion with the enterprise trial? Not the developer edition.

[INFO] 2024-07-10T16:17:01-04:00 runwar.context - Jul 10, 2024 16:17:01 PM Information [main] - Developer Edition enabled

I believe it will default to the Enterprise trial and then revert to the dev edition after 30 days. Note, Adobe uses some registry entries or something to track this, so it only works the first time you do it. If you have more questions, this is really a question for Adobe to answer. CommandBox just runs CF as a WAR file, so you’d want to ask Adobe to clarify how they handle trials in their WAR files.

Sorry, I should have clarified that the log line above was from the initial container start. It seems to be defaulting to developer edition.

Can you clarify what you mean by first time otherwise?

Thank you!

Have you ever started an Adobe server in the past on this machine prior to today. For example, if you started up an Adobe server 1 year ago, then your trial ended 11 months ago :slight_smile:

I have not; this was the first run.

And apologies, I missed one additional detail that would be helpful - I’m running this on Linux.