starting server on one path all the time

Hi everyone,

I have two folders on my desktop “cfwheels” and “LocalEnvironment”. WIthin LocalEnvironment, I navigate via command box to another folder called “x” to start the server within that folder that holds my code. However, it opens up a path from the other folder I have on “cfwheels”.
Why does it keep doing it? It doesn’t matter to which folder I navigate to, it keeps opening the same path.

Thank you.

When you say opens up a path, are you saying a Windows explorer window, or a browser window? If a browser window, do you mean the web root is else where and the directory listing is wrong? The first thing I’d do is check the sever.json file in your web root to see how it’s configured. Then run “server list” to see what servers are already defined. It may help for you to “server forget” them to start fresh.

Thank you, Brad. Doing a server forget fixed the issue of starting the server from the wrong path. Now… other issues to fix :slight_smile: appreciate it.