Strange session issue

I would like to request some support around an odd session related issue we have experienced.

Have you had any reports of issues with the Couchbase connector returning incorrect session data? We are running Lucee with your Lucee connector We have been running this for well over a year and no seen this before.

I see there is an update to does this contain any fixes that might be related?

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi, I’ve never heard that reported before. I don’t recall exactly what is different between 2.0.0 and 2.0.5 but I think it’s just some small tweaks.

Do you have a Lucee 5 upgrade planned. We haven’t touched the 2.0 version of the extension for Lucee 4.x in quite a while now. It’s all been converted over to OSGI in version 3.0 for Lucee 5 servers with an improved registration workflow from the admin UI.