Subdomains and Modules

I am sure this came up once before, but so far I am not able to find the question.

I have a system that has now many modules and all is working great, the site has been totally rewritten in ColdBox 3.1 and will be released shortly. The question I have is that there is one section of the site that might require a subdomain or even its own domain.

Both are very easy to setup and point to the root of the site, but is that what I should be doing? Or do I need to do that and create a rewrite rule for the domain/subdomain to then point to the actual module URL.

As this is in IIS and using Helicon Ape, .htaccess, I would appreciated any help in what I would need to do.

Well, you could have an interceptor that listens at preprocess and if it detects that domain then pre-pend the module to the incoming event?

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Yeah I thought about that, would that be safe or easy with all handler and actions as well. I was thinking a rewrite would be much easier and quicker to setup.

Actually that is not what I want to do Luis.

What I am looking for is this

is the standard entry point to the module, what I want to see instead is

And it load up the same thing, in other words I don’t want to see the module name in the url with what I am wanting to achieve.