Submitting code (Reactor ORM to Hibernate ORM converter) to the ColdBox site

Hi Luis,

I’m not sure what is going on with your login system on the site, but I was unable to login and submit a Reactor ORM to Hibernate ORM converter project to Forgebox. Can you let me know if/when I can do this?

For anyone else who may be interested, I have posted onto github a little utility that converts a Reactor ORM project into Hibernate ORM entities. It is not perfect but has saved me a lot of time. Check out GitHub - tjsb/reactorORM2HibernateORMConverter: Creates Hibernate entity components from a reactor ORM instance.

I decided to move to Hibernate ORM from Reactor because, although it was a great project, it now appears to be more or less dead in terms of development.


I just logged into with no issues. You’ll need to give us specific details about what is not working for you.



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Hi Brad, The issue was specifically on the submit code link in forgebox. However, it appears to be working now, so, thanks.