Suggestion - Close down this group in favor of the forum?

I don't want to miss any traffic on ColdBox, so I watch the RSS feeds
from this group and the ColdBox forum. The problem is that the forum
feeds over to this group and you end up with a whole bunch of

Since most communication is happening at the forum, I would suggest
that the Google group be shut down. I don't see the point for using
both when they are really for the same purpose.

An alternate change would be to shut off the feed from the forum to
the Google Group, that way people could monitor both RSS feeds and not
be clobbered with mostly the same messages.


I have to agree. I responded to Andrew last night on the google group
and it evidently never showed up, but the post I made in the forum
worked fine. I think one location is best.

Thanks guys, I believe you are right. What is the general concensus from the group?

  1. Shut down the list
  2. Stop messages from the forums to feed the list

What are your preferences?

Keep the list, keep the forums and the list seperate.

I personally use email more than RSS feeds, and I guess that might be
old habit. But at least I have a mail client that groups all mail I
receive. I can't do that with an RSS feed.

There is no need to remove either, both have their place.

And this is typed from my email client, not from an RSS feed.

At least that answers my question regarding the emails coming in that
do not group:-)

My vote...
Shut down the Google list. Your forum works great since RSS was added.

I’m new to both but I agree with Chris, keep the group and the forum but keep them separate. I Prefer email, but will check both.

Sorry I meant Andrew don’t know where Chris came from…